Getting Lucky in Amsterdam

I kind of like the title of this blog post. However, it has nothing to do with the red light district. It has more to do with my previous blog posts regarding “capturing a moment” and “sometimes you just get lucky”. I found that of the 80 or so shots that I took in the short while that I was out in Amsterdam that I both got lucky and captured a moment in the outskirts of this old European town.

I was on business in Dusseldorf, Germany and had a longish layover in Amsterdam on my way back home. So I decided I’d take my camera in the off chance that I would have time to take some pictures. I did have that time. So I decided to take my chances on the unfamiliar streets of this city.

It was a gloomy late afternoon/early evening when I went for my photo walk. It wasn’t raining but it was misty and on the cold side. I was intrigued by the number of bicycles that were filling the streets. I was also intrigued by the desolate streets there were just begging me to take their picture. So I did. This first one combines one of these streets with a bicycle. My intention was to take a simple picture of the street because it had interesting lighting from the street lamps coupled with the misty air that gave it a hazy look. As I lined up the shot a lone person on a bicycle turned onto the street at the same time and entered my frame. I snapped away. I’m glad that the cyclist was a part of my image because it gives the overall shot a different “feel” than if he wasn’t there. I was lucky he entered into the scene and it captures a lone moment on this misty day in Europe. I cropped the shot a little and gave it a desaturated look with just a hint of purple color in the distance and the red of the bike’s tail lights.

A lone bicyclist turns onto an empty street in Amsterdam.

This next shot is another street in Amsterdam. I just liked the way that the lines converged into the building in the distance and how the triangles of the sky and the street mirror each other. I put a little fish eye effect onto it to give the old traditional European buildings on either side a more looming presence. I also like the dark colorization that gives the added look of old Europe.

Random Ansterdam street with interesting lines and angles.

For me, this picture captures a moment. I like to look at the street in the foreground and follow the wet lines of automobile tires into the distance and wonder about the building that is at that the end. It evokes a sort of inquisitive response on my end. Maybe, for me, it represents a mysterious trail that I ended up not taking in Amsterdam….perhaps a trail that would have led me to that famed red light district.



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