The Sandy Hook Tragedy

Newtown, CT Memorial

I live very close to Newtown, Connecticut where the awful tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School unfolded a week and a half ago. I felt compelled to “do something” to both help out and to relieve myself of some of the anguish that I was experiencing even though I did not know any of the people/kids personally who perished. So I went there to their “ground zero” to lay down a stuffed reindeer and a small evergreen tree.

Only a portion of a growing memorial at “ground zero” in Newtown, CT.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I parked the car and walked toward the above pictured area. I crossed the street and it was only then that I noticed that this little area was only a small part of a huge tented memorial with thousands upon thousands of all kinds of stuffed animals, candles, flowers, pictures, poems, flags, you name it. I placed the reindeer and tree in a tucked away corner not wanting to intrude on anybody’s space. I then walked up the sidewalk to try to find a way to appreciate the memorial.

This is the epi-center for the Newtown, CT memorial. Police in the background stop people from going up the street to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It was at this point that I realized that I was very close to Sandy Hook Elementary school where the inconceivable horrible act occured. I noticed that the police continued to prevent people from getting too close and blocked traffic from entering the street. Eventually, I turned the corner to see that the memorial was bigger than I thought.

It was very hard to keep composure at the Newtown, CT Memorial.

It was impossible not to feel the weight of the sorrow. People all around me couldn’t help but break down and cry. I felt the weight as well as tears filled the corners of my eyes. I had hesitated taking my camera. I actually felt like I would be intruding by taking pictures. Maybe I did. But, I’m glad I had it because it helped me compose myself and partially take my mind off the anguish and despair that I noticed was all around me. I paid my respects one last time, took one last picture and left. The last picture I took said it all to me. Less than two weeks before Christmas this awful tragedy occured. 20 children were looking forward to Christmas and the holiday season. Little stockings on the bridge with all of their names on them. God rest their souls.

Little stockings for the 20 little kids who perished on that fateful day.

Let’s all hope and pray that something like this never happens ever again.


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