Searching for a Niche

I am very new to photography. I got into it because my 12 year old son became very interested in it and I figured that I would learn with him. As I talk to other photographers, read articles on photography, look at others’ images I am beginning to understand that, generally, photographers develop some kind of niche of their favorite things to shoot. Whether it’s landscapes, city scenes, kids, or whatever they are particularly drawn to that area of interest. I don’t know if I’ve found my niche but I seem to like to shoot live music and often times end up with decent results.

Delta Rae from Durham, NC plays at the Levitt Pavilion in Westport, CT  in the Summer of 2012.

I obtained my camera in April of 2012. Over the next several weeks I learned all kinds of things. I took pictures of everything. When the beginning of the summer rolled around I got a hold of the schedule of performing arts at the Westport (CT) Levitt Pavilion. I figured that me and Thomas can go there from time to time and see if there would be anything to shoot. One of the first concerts that we went to was by a band called Delta Rae from Durham, North Carolina. We were able to get right up in front of the stage to get unobstructed views of the band who, by the way, was very good. I was very happy with dozens of the shots I took of this band that I wanted to take more pictures of live music. You can see more of my Delta Rae shots in the galleries section of this website.

A few weeks later we decided to check out Steve Dagostino and his band. Due to stormy weather the concert was moved from the Levitt to indoors. This posed a challenging environment for me but I feel that my results were pretty good. The band was great and played a ton of old crooner type classics. I came away with a series of decent shots which have their own gallery on this website.

The Steve Dagostino Band

More importantly, however, is that I began to realize that I particularly like taking pictures of music performers. Maybe it’s because I can take pictures and be entertained at the same time. Maybe this was my niche? So, for the next few months (and even now) I tried to go to other concerts. My kids are active in the School of Rock. Each “semester” of the School of Rock ends with a concert. Perfect! I can take pictures there too. And there, too, I ended up with some “keepers”. I posted many of them on the School of Rock Facebook page and ended up getting a ton of compliments. Also, I seem to like the black and white imagery of live music. The monochrome feel of it all gives a certain mood to the shot.

The Fairfield (CT) School of Rock performs their Nothing but the Blues show.

Laughing Pizza performs in Greenwich, CT.

I also like how rich color shots can be. I guess it all depends on the mood of the venue and the style of music. Laughing Pizza is a family oriented band that is all about fun and being in a happy mood.

I don’t know if I found my nich or not. But one thing is for sure….I really like to take pictures of live music performers. There is lots of emotion and superb moments. Check my website for future shots like those I posted above.





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